Windows Mobile Shipments Up Over 80%

Microsoft has just announced that the number of copies of Windows Mobile sold in the last twelve months has grown considerably, year over year.The company sold more than 18 million licenses during this time period. It sold 11 million licensees in the previous period, so it had a growth of 81%.For comparison sake, IDC says that the smartphone industry itself is growing at an annual rate of 32%.
Windows Mobile vs. iPhone
Apple’s iPhone may be the one getting the most attention these days, but that doesn’t mean it totally dominates the smartphone industry.According to the market research firm IDC, Windows Mobile phones to continue to outsell Apple iPhones in both the consumer and enterprise markets.Furthermore, IDC predicts that by 2012, Windows Mobile will double sales over the iPhone in the consumer space, and have nearly nine times the amount of enterprise deployments.
Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry
During the last twelve months, there were 363 organizations that deployed 500 or more Windows Mobile-based devices, for a total of 1.4 million total licenses sold.Of these, 91 organizations switched from using BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Of course, Microsoft didn’t reveal how many companies had switched from devices running its platform to BlackBerries.” via