Review of Opera Mobile 9.5 browser

“If you run through some announcements of latest and greatest Windows Mobile powered communicators, you will surely notice that at least two manufacturers are committed to embed Opera Mobile 9.5 into their offerings as the default solution for web browsing. To be more specific, these two phone makers are HTC (with their Touch Diamond and Touch Pro) and Samsung (with their i900 Omnia). Apparently, if we were talking about some other platform, the inclusion of Opera Mobile wouldn’t be such a big deal, but this very situation is quite different in several ways. Firstly, we are dealing with Windows Mobile and Microsoft, who are very sensitive about their own solutions, and secondly, not the last part in all this is played by HTC, one of Microsoft’s major partners in the field of Windows Mobile. The very fact that they have come to terms and already released a WM-based product without Internet Explorer is worth a mention already. ” Read more here:

Samsung Omnia Comes in White too?

It seems like Samsung will offer a new color for the i900 Omnia. The 16GB version of the Windows Mobile powerhorse will have a white back panel as an option. The front panel of the Omnia will stay the same and the changes will only apply to the battery cover.By the end of this month the Samsung i900 Omnia will have a white dress to show off with – after all one of its greatest rivalries (you know who) is already selling with one. As it’s evident, the changes go further than the color itself. The new Snow White Omnia back panel doesn’t have the brushed metal finish but instead it comes with a wavy pattern that reminds of some of Nokia N-series devices.Currently this is the only photo that’s available, but we bet we will be buried with them sometime this month. The new color will hit Singapore, there’s no word for now on its wider-scale market availability.In the meantime you are welcome to jump to our Samsung Omnia review for a quick fix on why the Omnia will be one of the most popular devices this year.” via

Review of GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia 6220 Classic

“In essence, the arrival of the Nokia 6220 Classic was entirely thanks to Nokia’s current strategy basing on the economy of scale, where they aimed to churn out as many models utilizing some particular hardware as possible in order to cut total expenditure. As far as the imaging department goes, the piece of hardware in question is the 5 Mpix CMOS module – descending from its flagship offerings to the lower end of the market, Nokia have implemented it in several handsets, varying in price range. It all started with the Nokia N95 in all its iterations, that was followed by the Nokia N82 (which actually set a new price record for top-notch 5 Mpix shooters); these days Nokia are tackling the 300-375 Euro segment (prices at launch), which they are going to fill with a variety of solutions that will differ in some details, such as flash type (xenon or LED). Although they are planning to release a bunch of phones in this price bracket before the end of 2008, in my opinion the heap will still be topped by the Nokia N82; but those who didn’t like for some reasons will get some alternatives to choose from, which is all good. ” Read more here: