Aristotle Virtuousness Test just updated to v1.1 for Blackberries


“This program is a simple 11 step test which determines how much virtuous you are according to Aristotle*. (*It’s the world known Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato’s student.) This test should be done by someone who knows you very well. (E.g.: Family, partner, friend…) Don’t do it yourself! After the test you will be given a score out of 100. Then you will be given detailed stats of what should be done to correct your flaws according to Aristotle.
—20/Aug/2008 UPDATE (1.1) —
* Specially designed for Blackberry Bold!
* Blackberry KickStart compartible.” Click here for more:

3 Skypephone S2: Redesign ahoy

CrazySoft LogoThe new 3 Skypephone is the latest mobile with built-in Skype.

  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls from your mobile.
  • 3.2 mega pixel camera.
  • 50MB memory.
  • Available in black with silver trim.

Say hello to the new 3 Skypephone. Call and instant message free Skype-to-Skype to anyone in the world at the touch of a button. And make regular mobile calls and text people who aren’t on Skype It comes equipped with a high quality camera and generous memory so you can take better snaps and save more of them, plus you can access Google, Facebook and straight from your phone with a fast 3G connection. You can also use the 3 Skypephone s2 as a broadband dongle, so you can plug it into your laptop and surf the internet wherever you are.” Check it here:

Apple Pushes Out iPhone 2.0.2 Software Update

“It looks like I jumped the gun! The iPhone 2.0.2 is here. As in right now. It’s primary objective is to provide “bug fixes,” whatever that means. All I know, is I’ll be anxious to see if this new software will really provide the fixes so many iPhone 3G users need. While encountering any sort of problems with a product is frustrating, I have to say I’m impressed with Apple this time around. Unlike with MobileMe where customers were pretty much ignored, they’ve really stepped up to the plate to provide a solution, fast.Now, whether or not these bug fixes actually work remains to be seen. Looks like I’m off to tinker with my newly updated iPhone for the rest of the day. ” via

HTC Touch Diamond/Pro has multi touch after all!

“Touch Diamond owners will know that the navi-wheel on the front of the device is capacitive, and can measure movement without actually rotating. Like many HTC devices, it seems the Touch Diamond and Pro have hidden features, and pretty tasty ones indeed. Using an application called Nav Debug Tool by HTC, this video shows not only is the navi-wheel capacitive, but that the whole front of the device can track finger movements, and even two fingers independently.So far there is no know feature on the Touch Diamond/ Pro that exploits this, but once our developers get their hands on the API it wont be too long. This also promises that even current generation devices with resistive screens will be able to take advantage of multi-touch features in WM7.” via