HTC Touch Pro Review at phonearena!

“As we’ve already mentioned, Pro’s face is a copy of Diamond’s and similarly to it, it is a fingerprint magnet. You’ll have to be constantly cleaning it so it looks good and to be able to see the display when you are outside. If it’s kept clean, the screen remains usable even in the brightest sunlight. However, it will be a lot easier to read black symbols on a white background, compared to the opposite combination (TouchFLO 3D interface). Typically for a Windows Mobile phone, only 65k colors are supported and you can easily see that when reproducing pictures or video, it’s not always done smoothly.The buttons below are flat, but are easy to press with a good tactile feedback. Only the D-pad’s directions are troublesome and hard to operate due to their smaller size. Interestingly, its backlight takes the role of a system LED. When you have a missed call or message for example, the light indicates it with a circular movement. This looks good and suits the overall design of the phone, but is hard to notice during the day in contrast to the classical orange LED.” Read more here:

Nokia launches the N79 and N85

“Nokia has officially announced the launch of the N85 in the UK on Monday. The new handset will offer a 2.6-inch AM OLED 2.6 inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) with up to 16 million colours display, a 5 megapixel camera, and geotagging capabilities. On the games front, the phone will sport dedicated N-Gage gaming keys and at least 10 pre-loaded demo titles, however consumers can choose one licensed game for free. Running on the S60 3rd edition, the phone will offer HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Sporting GPS, the handset will offer Nokia Maps 2.0 on board and come with an FM Transmitter, with direct access to the Nokia Music Store, power for up to 28 hours of music playback plus 3.5mm headset connector and dedicated music keys for non-stop music enjoyment Like the N79, also announced today, the new phone includes a microSD card, this time 8GB instead of memory built-in. The new handset is expected to hit the UK next month” via

VsNotepad 2.0 Now Available for Windows Mobile

“VsNotepad 2 allows you to organize your notes with a modern, simple and complete interface. You can now create books for a better organization of your notes. VsNotepad 2 has many note tools with indispensable functions. You can save your pages in JPEG format and transfer them by emails, infrared or Bluetooth. VsNotepad 2 simplifies your daily notes. ” Check it here:

Preview: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

“The design is very neutral, featuring a few geometrical patterns in the area of the navigation block below the screen. Side pieces have a chrome coating, the face panel combines glossy and matte surfaces (more on the matte side, also dominant on the back surface) Certain parts sport a grinded metal texture. Looks really cool in real life, the metal adding a posh touch to the whole thing. The available test samples feature a high quality of assembly, which may improve even further in the final commercial build. The sliding mechanism is incredibly smooth. X1, if not up to the highest of premium product standards, at least makes a perfect image phone, which is a very rare occurrence in the world of Windows Mobile products. Even the existing hi-end WM handsets are by and large made of plastic with few to no metal pieces. ” Read more here: