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The Palm Treo holds very tightly to the QWERTY and square-screen design that has marked the series since its beginnings. It features a 320-by-320-pixel screen, larger battery, and thinner overall profile compared to the outgoing Treo 750 model.
Besides more pixels, the Treo Pro screen is flush, instead of recessed into the device as with previous models. However, it is only the digitizer which is flush. The actual screen still is recessed, and this arrangement can be disorienting some times.
Under the touchscreen sits the green and red call buttons, the directional pad, and four application buttons. Like the screen, the application buttons are flush to the rest of the device, but the directional pad and call buttons are pronounced enough to feel and use easily. There’s a nice glow to the call buttons too — not too bright in the dark, not too dull when in direct sunlight.
Below this is the QWERTY keyboard. The keys keep the same straight-face arrangement that Palm’s Centro line has, but there is more spacing between the keys, accounting for the wider device.
I personally think that the gummy feel of the keys is the worst of any Treo ever; I’ve had several female friends tell me that they love it better than anything else as they keys work great with their nails. I’ll leave it as a toss up to personal opinion there.
The rest of the device is similar to the minimalist design approach taken by Apple and HTC. The left side of the device has flush volume up/down buttons and a customizable third button. The right side of the Treo Pro has the Wi-Fi on/off button — nice touch there. The top has the power and ringer on/off switch. And the bottom has a not-quite-standard mini-USB slot, 3.5 mm headset jack, microphone hole, and stylus.” Read more here:

LG KT610 review: Communicator wannabe

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As this stage it should have become obvious that the KT610 is a niche model. It still makes a nice alternative in the full QWERTY Symbian segment, where supply isn’t exactly profuse. LG KT610 is rubbing shoulders with a few Eseries handsets and Communicators, and a couple of Sony Ericsson P-line phones. All right, a fact’s a fact: the Nokia E90 secondary display is almost the size of the KT610 main screen and the difference in price is hard to swallow. But still, plunging head first in the shark pond sure takes some cojones.Another tough question is how the lack of Wi-Fi would affect a communicator, no matter how affordable. Well, we are to see about that when the phone spends some more time on the market. As for now let’s cut to the chase and start inspecting the LG KT610 exterior.” Read more here: Going Mobile in September Mobile product shots

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DataViz Releases Documents To Go for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

DataViz, Inc., leading provider of Office compatibility solutions in its 25th year in business, today announced the availability of its flagship mobile office suite Documents To Go Premium Edition 3.0 for devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.x Professional and 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition. Already available for Windows Mobile Standard, BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm OS, Documents To Go, will now allow users of Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (Windows: Office 97 – 2007, Mac: Office 98-2008) as well as view PDF files on their devices and in their native formats.DataViz has also enhanced the PDF viewer included with their mobile office suite with this release of Documents To Go for Pocket PC. The improvements provide a clear and crisp viewing experience of all Adobe PDF file elements (rendering stays true to desktop file) and makes dramatic speed improvements when opening files so users can be more productive.Other features include support for password protected Word and Excel files, InTact Technology for retaining 100% file formatting when editing files on the device, the ability to view, edit and create Excel charts and decompress, zip and send e-mail attachments. Documents To Go is available for a wide variety of Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices such as the AT&T Tilt, Palm Treo 750 and Palm Treo 800w to name a few. An optimized version to support high resolution screen devices such the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond will be available in the next several weeks.”We are pleased to see DataViz bring its highly regarded mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, to the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform,” said David Schoenbach, Vice President – Business Development, MobiHand, Inc. “As a leading distributor of mobile smartphone content, our customers can now enjoy the benefits of this powerful wireless office solution, enhancing their productivity and work quality when out of the office.”“We are excited to expand our product line to include Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices,” said Danny Tu, Product Manager, DataViz, Inc.“Our latest release is an answer to our many customer requests to develop for this platform.” Check this great program here: