Nokia N85 Hands on first impressions at allaboutsymbian!

OLED viewing angle

“The difference that the N85’s AM OLED screen makes compared to earlier Nsereis devices is immediately apparent when you switch on the device. The screen is brighter and the colours sharper, but what really stood out, for me, was the accuracy of the darker colours. On the AM OLED screen black really is black; this is because there is no backlight, as there is for LCD screens, to cause light leakage. The N85 has the best screen I have seen on a small mobile device and unquestionably sets a new standard for the Nseries.” Read more here:

The Wait Was Worth It, StyleTap Rocks My World

“It’s been 10 months since I first wrote about it in October 2007. At the time, I was so excited that StyleTap was going to work on an S60 client for their application that I almost had a heart attack. But through the 10 months (and a few days) of wait, my anticipation and eagerness diminished until 2 days ago, when I received an email telling me I’m now in the close Beta for StyleTap. And a whole new world opened for me!
StyleTap is a sort of emulator that allows you to run Palm OS applications on different handsets and operating systems. They already have a client for Windows Mobile, which I tested when I had my old Qtek 9100, but they are now expanding to support S60 3rd Edition and UIQ3. They are also working on an iPhone application, but are very limited by Apple’s software strategy.” Read more here: