New Win Mobile 7 to Feature Application Store, Called SkyMarket

“Read from the little clues in a Microsoft’s job posting, it looks like Microsoft has learned what their competitors (Google’s Android OS, iPhone App Store) are doing and is prepearing to launch a software marketplace for Windows Mobile. The posting also stated that the marketplace service will be launched together with the new Windows Mobile 7, which will be early 2009.” Read more here:

Nokia E71 Review at brighthand!

The E71 is totally disrespected by all pictures. The metal body, QVGA screen, and keyboard combine to make a similar device design to the Treos, BlackJacks, and BlackBerry models we are familiar with, but this design has some flair to it. To quote a friend, “it doesn’t look like any BlackBerry I’ve ever seen.”
The 11 mm metal body feels great in the hand and well weighted. It’s not a light device, but the size seems to indicate quality more than anything else. It shines, and can be a finger-print magnet, but otherwise stays striking in appearance all day.
The front of the E71 has the aforementioned QVGA (320×240 pixel) screen. In my opinion, there hasn’t been a screen this well done since Palm’s m515. It performs *very* well in direct sunlight. It’s really scary how well it looks.
Below the screen sits the application and function buttons. Designed similar to those found on the Nokia N95, the softkeys and green/red call buttons flank four application buttons and the directional pad.
An interesting feature of the directional pad is that it will pulse, like a beating heart, when the device is on but the screen is off (in standby).
The application buttons activate one program on a short button press, and additional apps and features when held longer.” Read more here: