Frutakia is now released for Mac OS X computers (Leopard and Tiger)!


From the makers of ‘PaintBall’, a new, fun & extra addicting puzzle game that will also sucks you in and won’t let you go until you’ve wasted all of your time! ‘Frutakia’ uses the ‘casino slots idea’ and turns it into an original puzzle game. Click here to watch Frutakia video review
* VGA 640×640 graphics.
* 16bit crystal clear graphics!
* Frame by frame smooth animation
* Speed control
* Arrow keys support
* Export Hi-Scores to internet More here:

HTC Touch Pro review: Heavyweight pro

HTC Touch Pro is armed to the very last one of them QWERTY teeth, almost every worth having mobile phone feature on its list. So much so, that a viable alternative is hard to find on the current market. The arch enemy however is just a quick look ahead. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 spec sheet is almost identical to the one of Touch Pro. In addition they run on the same Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 OS. Now, add the fact that it’s HTC that actually manufactures the X1 super phone, and you’ve got quite a clone war shaping up.If you aren’t dying to have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the options are quite clear. The HTC Touch Diamond (the Touch Pro keyboardless and much slimmer twin) and the Samsung i900 Omnia have been around struggling for the upper hand over the past three months. You can check out our comparison article or the dedicated reviews of the Omnia and the Diamond. ” Read more here:

Sony Ericsson G900 Review

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The busy lifestyle of the contemporary individual justifies the need for an assistant, which to help him plan his schedule. A mobile device with a convenient personal organizer and easy Internet access is what Sony Ericsson’s G-series offers them. However, the company’s solution doesn’t come with the complications brought by all smartphones. G900 is the flagship model of the new line and it’s positioned in the high-class. The phone is based on Symbian UIQ without making it hard to use. Its main purpose is to offer intuitive work, and the OS will simply widen the organizing options. Like its smaller brother G700, the flagship model is equipped wit a touchscreen, on which you can write or draw notes. In contrast to it though, it has a 5-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi support, respectively for quality photographs and Internet access.” Read more here: