Nokia N82 v30.0.019 Firmware Updates via NSU

A new Nokia N82 firmware updates is now available in several countries. The new firmware will update your N82 software version to v30.0.019, another big jump from v20.
You can now connect your N82 to the Nokia Software Updater, and let it try to detect if the firmware update applicable to your country. The firmware change log is not available at the moment, one member from symbian-freak forum has reported the following
Some more things I noticed:

1. ASR sensitivity is very very good. it is a bit slow but its sensitivity is how it is supposed to be. PERFECT.
2. Pictures are a little clearer now and flash also has improved.
3. Browsing through is extremely fast.
4. Music through loudspeakers is much clearer(not louder), there is no longer any distortion.
5. Music through headphones is comparable to my friends N81(Yeah tried it with many songs on the same headphones).
6. Radio reception has improved.
7. Youtube works flawlessly.
8. Startup RAM is 94.5mb.” via

SlingPlayer now available for all Symbian UIQ 3


“Sling Media Inc., a leading digital lifestyle products company, today announced that its award-winning SlingPlayer Mobile software is now available for smartphones running the UIQ user interface on Symbian OS including popular smartphones from Motorola and Sony Ericsson. SlingPlayer Mobile gives Slingbox owners the ability to watch and control their home TV from a network-connected mobile phone. “UIQ offers a unique and smooth user interface experience, seamlessly blending services, content and phone features, which is why we’re so excited to announce the availability of SlingPlayer Mobile on UIQ,” commented Stuart Collingwood, vice president of Europe for Sling Media. “With over two-and-a-half billion global 3G and WiFi connections, the market potential for mobile TV is huge. Not only have we expanded our support for Symbian smartphones but we’re also providing more Slingbox owners with the ability to watch and control their home TV using even more of the most popular smartphones available in Europe.”
SlingPlayer Mobile gives consumers their entire home TV experience, including local channels, local sports teams, video on demand, pay per view etc. Any programme that you can watch on your sofa back home, you can now watch via a PC, Mac, Palm OS, Symbian or Windows Mobile-based device via internet connections worldwide (3G Cellular, WiFi). In addition, SlingPlayer Mobile users can also control their home digital video recorder (DVR) to watch recorded shows, pause, rewind and fast forward live TV, or even program new recordings while on the road. “SlingPlayer Mobile is an innovative and compelling application that compliments the UIQ platform which itself has been designed to get the very best out of the Symbian OS,” said Elisabet Melin, VP Ecosystem, UIQ Technology. “This new release of SlingPlayer Mobile for UIQ on the Symbian OS offers compelling new data revenue opportunities to operators and a feature-rich service to consumers looking for convenient access to their home TV channel surfing, programming and viewing experience.” The enhanced, personalised mobile TV experience for smartphones is enabled by Sling Media’s award-winning Slingbox which allows customers to watch and control their home TV on an Internet-connected Mac or PC as well as a range of mobile phone platforms. Support for UIQ handsets further extends Sling Media’s commitment to Europe and complements the already popular Slingbox.

The UIQ handsets that will support SlingPlayer Mobile at launch include:

  • Sony Ericsson P1i
  • Sony Ericsson P990i
  • Sony Ericsson W960i
  • Sony Ericsson W950i
  • Sony Ericsson M600i
  • Sony Ericsson G700
  • Sony Ericsson G900
  • Motorola Z8
  • Motorola Z10

A full list of compatible smartphones for all SlingPlayer Mobile-supported platforms can also be found at
The retail price of the application is £19.99 GBP, including VAT. For a list of supported handsets and the application download, please visit

Verizon Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 6 Update Released

Palm today posted the long anticipated Windows Mobile 6 update for the Verizon branded Treo 700wx smartphone. The Verizon only Treo 700wx Updater v1.24 provides an updated version of the Windows Mobile operating system and incorporates past ROM updates. (Can anyone who’s updated confirm whether it installs WM6.1?)
WM6 provides a number of updates including a refresh user interface, enhanced calendar functionality, better HTML email support, Office 2007 support, Windows Vista compatibility and a number of additional features detailed here.
Full instructions and detailed can be found at Palm Support. Both ActiveSync and SD card updater methods are provided. Again, please note that this update is only intended for the Treo 700wx model operating on Verizon Wireless.
Not only is it highly unusual for Palm to release such an update for an older, EOL’d device, but Windows Mobile 6 was announced all the way back in early 2007 and has since been superseded by WM 6.1. The Treo 700w first became available on Verizon in January 2006, with the memory bumped 700wx model appearing later that year first on Sprint and then later on Verizon in Feb 07. Over the course of its lifetime the Windows Mobile powered Treo 700 series has received a plethora of device updates, some even introduced new issues and were subsequently pulled and reissued. ” Check it here: via