iPhone 2.1 Firmware Out Now

Here she is, Apple has officially unleashed the iPhone 2.1 software, promising to fix all of those annoying bugs plaguing previous version.The most important of the fixes listed above would have to be improved battery life for “most users”, decreased dropped calls, and the improved 3G signal display. Other than that, the update includes various bug fixes that caused iPhones running the earlier versions to crash. Let’s hope this really works.You can head Apple’s official page to check out the updates if the above text is too hard for you to read.” via mobilewhack.com

ASUS P527 gets Windows Mobile 6.1 update

“A lot of firmware update news to report today. Earlier this week ASUS announced that there was a new Windows Mobile 6.1 firmware update available for its P527 smartphone, but the software never appeared on its support site. Not until today, that is.ASUS claims that the firmware update addresses a number of problems in addition to upgrading the OS. It claims to have fixed a date and time bug, to have improved the playback of multimedia files, fixed a call bug, and upgraded the functionality of the GSM/EDGE modem.A handful of P527 firmware updates for different countries are now available, including one for North American devices. You can download the new v4.2.36 firmware update for Windows Mobile 6.1 from the ASUS website.” via mobileburn.com