HTC unveils HTC Touch HD Huge WVGA display, 5 megapixel camera

Enjoy music videos, films and streaming like you never thought possible on a mobile device. Experience internet browsing so exhilarating… it feels like you never left your laptop at home. It’s all delivered to you on a pixel-packed 3.8” WVGA screen and seamlessly tied together with touch-responsive TouchFLO 3D. The ultrafast 3.5G technology lets you surf and download at true broadband speeds. On HSDPA networks, the Touch HD delivers downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps – there is no need to slow down while you work or play.The newly added Stock tab keeps you informed of the latest stock quotes, while the connected Home screen puts e-mail, messages and calendar only a finger-stroke away.Get directions, view satellite maps and find your location using Google Maps. The maps are bigger and crisper thanks to the expansive screen. Tap the onscreen controls to zoom in and view more detail. This is navigation taken to a whole new level.

3.8-inch wide, WVGA (480 X 800 pixel) display offering a cinema experience on the go

Vibrant TouchFLO 3D user interface, responding perfectly to your finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the web, and launching media

Surf and download at broadband speed with HSDPA internet connectivity

Google Maps enhanced by the wide screen viewing platform

5 megapixel camera for quality stills and video

3.5 mm audio jack makes the Touch HD compatible with the majority of audio equipment available” More photos here:

HTC Touch 3G revealed!!

The successor to a category-defining original… the HTC Touch 3G propels you even further into the touch experience, making voice and text communication, web browsing and media playing more pleasurable than ever before.Take finger-tip control of the HTC Touch 3G with next-generation TouchFLO, a touch-responsive interface designed to respond perfectly to finger gestures and help you navigate seamlessly through contacts, media and web pages with speed and precision.This isn’t the web compromised for mobile… it’s the web as you always wanted it be on a mobile. Browse full-screen pages delivered at broadband-speed, all displayed on a large, razor-sharp screen for an unparalleled mobile internet experience whenever you call upon it.A perfect marriage of technical innovation and eye-catching design, the HTC Touch 3G’s looks are just as striking as its Internet credentials… a range of hot colours are available that enhance the modern, lightweight shape, making it both a sensational user experience and a bold declaration of style.Touch with more passion than ever before… style, sensation and speed. Experience Touch in 3G.

2.8-inch touch screen, with four times the resolution of most phones. Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Next generation TouchFLO user interface, responding perfectly to your finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the web and launching media. Small, lightweight design available in a range of vibrant colours. Surf and download at broadband speed with HSDPA internet connectivity. 3.2 megapixel camera for quality stills and video. microSD slot for expandable storage.

Smartphone market: RIM jumps past Windows Mobile in 2Q08


“Just yesterday I was taking note of how much of a consumer push BlackBerrys are making these days. A few years ago, the word BlackBerry was synonymous with with “work”, but I’m seeing more and more consumers carry the RIM devices around. More support for entertaining functions like audio and video content are surely helping that trend, which continued yesterday with the announcement of a partnership with TiVo. Based on that, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the latest smartphone market share numbers from Gartner. Nearly every platform sold more devices, but the big winner in my mind was RIM. The graph above shows the smartphone market share in the second quarter of 2008. Here’s a quick rundown of the numbers this year and last, as well as my thoughts on what the 2009 will look like.” Read more here:

Asus Galaxy7 Mystery Samsung Omnia killer identified managed to identify our mystery Asus smartphone, and what they turned up is another great highly specified Windows Mobile device.The smartphone called the Asus Glaxy7 features the following specs:
GSM Frequency : 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA Frequency: 900/1900/2100 (Sorry US readers :( )
Screen: 3.5 WVGA 800X480 / 65K Color TFT
System: Microsoft WM 6.1 Professional
UI: Glide 1.5
Camera: 5MP (2592x1944px) from autofocus
Video: MPEG4, H.264 encoding & decoding – resolution unknown
Communications: Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi, USB , aGPS
Working time:
Standby : 200 hours, Talk time: 4 hours
Memory: 4GB flash, Expansion: microSD
Dimensions: 115x59x13.8mm
Tracking ball , Accelerometer
Construction: stainless steel
Launch will probably be held in October. This news is certainly ground breaking and means we now have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to high-end Windows Mobile devices this holiday season.” via