N810 Maemo OTA updates is 3 clicks to heaven

“The latest Maemo builds (code named Diablo) offer OTA updates for the OS2008 and the installed applications. It doesn’t have to be rocket science anymore when you update your Nokia N810 or any other tablet. You’re only 3 clicks away from totally happiness and coolness every tablet geek ever imagined.Maemo automatically checks for updates when is connected to the internet. If a new version of the OS2008 or third party software is available, a cute orange exclamation mark starts blinking. You click on it and a summary of what the update is all about pops up. Click on Install updates via Application Manager and you’re done. Smart, simple, elegant OS and application updates in your fingerprints. Check the screenshots after the jump. I’m currently running Maemo 4.2008.30-2 on a Nokia N810.” More photos here:

Palm Treo Pro now available on Vodafone UK

“Vodafone UK has added the latest Palm device, Treo Pro, to its business offering. The all-in-one Windows Mobile smartphone (GPS, WiFi, HSDPA and more) is available for business customers from free to 340.43 GBP depending on contract.
If you’ve enjoyed using Palm’s earlier Windows Mobile powered phones, you’ll love the Treo Pro even more. Its functionality goes well beyond previous Treos’ and it will help you be more productive while on the go…” via intomobile.com

Side By Side Photo of HTC Touch HD, Touch Diamond and Touch Pro


“Can’t imagine the extra size of Touch HD when compare to HTC Touch Diamond? CNet Asia has got a nice side by side comparison photo on the 3 HTC Touch series. Obviously because of the WVGA resolution, the Touch HD is wider and bigger. Even that I am sure many of you can’t resist the beauty of higher resolution.On the thickness comparison, the HTC Touch HD (115 x 62.8 x 12 mm ) about the same as the same as HTC Touch Diamond (102 x 51 x 11.5 mm). The Touch Pro is much thicker due to the additional QWERTY keyboard.” More photos here:

Palm OS II based smartphones now due H2 2009

“Palm’s next-gen operating system will be finished by the end of the year, the company promised late last week.The company said the Linux-based system software known as Palm OS II and ‘Nova’ is “on track” for completion by the end of calendar 2008. Handsets based on the OS will following the first half of 2009, it said.Palm announced back in April 2007 that it would develop the next generation of the Palm OS itself, a move made to ensure it was not tied to a third-party, either Japan’s Access, the current owner, or anyone else should Access choose to offload it.Access took on the Palm OS when it acquired PalmSource – the OS developer spun out of Palm in 2003 – back in 2005.Palm’s current Palm OS-based smartphones, such as the Centro, run Palm OS 5.4m aka ‘Garnet’, for which Palm bought a licence to the source code in 2006.As most OS development projects do, Palm OS II has slipped a bit. Palm CEO Ed Colligan indicated in May 2007 that handhelds equipped with the software would be available in 2007. Two months on, and that timeframe had expanded to 2008, and by October 2007, Colligan was saying fans will have to wait until the end of 2008.No doubt Palm will say the completion of the OS within that timeframe indicates the release hasn’t slipped again, but most pundits will undoubtedly measure the Palm OS II’s overall development time up until the first handhelds pre-loaded with it ship.” via reghardware.co.uk