Eten X610 Review atphonearena!

“The display is 2.8” QVGA and is capable of reproducing 65,536 colors. The picture has good contrast and saturation, but the screen’s performance suffers when exposed to direct sunlight and becomes difficult to read. Above it are located two discrete service lights, which are almost unnoticeable unless they are blinking.In contrast to the X600, the new Eten has gotten rid of a full row of keys from its face. The remaining ones are the accept/reject call keys, GPS and one providing access to the QuickBar shortcuts menu. The keys provide a very good tactile feedback, but being completely leveled with the front panel makes them hard to find only by touch. Another change is the way the device is navigated; the joystick found on its predecessor is replaced by a 5-way D-pad, which is a bit on the small side, but feels good under your finger and is comfortable to use.” Read more here: