Nokia E90 Communicator hits v300 firmware update!

Firmware update

“Hot off the press, the Nokia E90 has had another big firmware update, to v300.34.84. There’s now Maps 2.0 in the firmware, plus many other improvements. Changelog below. [Update: looks like this new release knocks out Blackberry support. If this is important to you then don’t upgrade!]
v300 includes (email me if you can add to this list):

  • Much faster orientation switching (open/close lid etc)
  • Nokia Maps 2.0 now built-in
  • Download! application updated (v 3.1.736)
  • Cosmetic upgrade to Music player
  • Update for Flash Lite 3 and Flash video
  • Wi-Fi improvements
  • New baseline for VoIP
  • Realplayer supports FLV format (i.e FLV files can be played directly like MP4)

In summary, well worth going through the usual backup/restore (from card) and tweaking procedures…. ” via

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hands On Video!

Keep in mind as you watch the video that this is an early, pre-release BlackBerry 8900. The commercially available version, as just appeared on T-Mobile Germany’s website, will be slightly different (I make note of the known changes in the video). Regardless, by the time you work through all 8m30s you should have a pretty good feeling for the “New” Curve and how it compares to the “Old” Curve, Bold and even the Storm! The video isn’t my best work (so don’t judge me too harshly!), but I promise I’ll get there one of these days… there are a lot of hands-on videos to be made in the next year that will give me some practice. The fun won’t be stopping after the Storm – not when there’s cool BlackBerry codenames like Apex, Onyx, Colossal and Jupiter apparently kicking around Waterloo ;)” Read more here:

Rumor: New Touch Family HTC T8290 Comes with WiMax!


Leaked photos from has revealed a new HTC T8290, with its front like HTC Touch Diamond but has much bigger touch screen. The HTC T8290 is said to be a GSM + WiMax device, it has a 3.8-inch display screen with an impressive 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, built in WiFi and Bluetooth. The back of the T8290 is showing a Yota logo, which is a Russia WiMaX network provider. Is HTC bringing this to US instead of Touch HD? Check out more photos here!

Review of GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Tube)

“We’ve all waited for this – a touch-sensitive phone from Nokia. And the more they hyped the fabulous Apple iPhone, the more anxious everyone had been growing. Having launched a PR campaign of immense power Apple did not hesitate to take on Nokia on its very own turf. But Nokia have got some trumps up their sleeves as well, and among them are several solutions that will leave the whole Cupertino sleepless. That is, Nokia Music Store may not seem like much and doesn’t look any better than Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow service, but Nokia has in fact added a whole new dimension to it by bringing about Nokia Comes with Music campaign that allows the users of select phones to enjoy free subscription to a vast music database. Furthermore, you can store all tracks you’ve downloaded on PC and listen to them as long as you want. So, this is “strike one” that puts the business model of iTunes in question and makes it less of a monopoly on today’s market. But such a powerful service calls for some capable hardware – specifically, music-minded mobile phones. As you probably have guessed, Nokia has tackled this issue with its latest and greatest 5800 Xpress Music.” Read more here: