First Palm OS ALP Linux smartphone?

“An Israeli firm will ship a smartphone that runs Linux to the Russian market, according to industry reports. Possibly manufactured by Sharp, Emblaze Mobile’s “Edelweiss” phone will offer GPS and an unprecedented 854 x 480 touchscreen, while running the Access Linux Platform (ALP), reports suggest.On its website, Emblaze Mobile offers only a spinning 3D Flash image of the Edelweiss, along with a “coming soon” teaser. However, a number of sites have reported that the phone will go on sale in Russia by November. The rumor may have originated on the Russian mobile news site, Mobile Review, which has apparently taken down its initial story about the phone. However, sites such as Engadget have already followed up, listing leaked features for the Edelweiss such as the following:

  • 854 x 480 touchscreen
  • 8GB or 16GB of storage
  • 3G cellular capability
  • GPS
  • Camera (not listed but visible in photo)” Read more here:

Samsung Pixon Review

“The Pixon is advertised as the slimmest 8-megapixel phone, though certainly not the slimmest of all. Though it shares the same form-factor as the iPhone and OMNIA, the Pixon is considerably thicker than its two rivals. Unfortunately today’s technology has not reached the level needed to hide an 8-megapixel module and a whole bunch of extras in an extremely slim body. Do not think that Pixon is “fat”, but it doesn’t have the same profile as the fashion conscious phones on the market. Since the lens and the bottom are also protruding (resembling a regular camera), when placed next to INNOV8 it is nearly as thick, but feels slimmer in the hand. This makes it slightly thicker than the rival Renoir, although in theory it’s the other way around. Don’t get us wrong, Pixon is not fat, but is not as slim as iPhone and OMNIA. Its design would not win an award (neither will INNOV8), and it’s the typical multifunctional model. Nevertheless, it is user-friendly and well made. Pixon is heavier than Renoir, but that gives it a massive feeling.” Read more here:

Rubik's Cube Goes Virtual with iPhone Cubix

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of fun games and applications that you can find for your iPhone or iPod touch through the increasingly popular App Store. You could go for official content like Super Monkey Ball, but some of these homebrew developers come up with much more interesting (and affordable) content.I was never any good at solving the Rubik’s Cube. After getting frustrated with it, I sometimes resorted to peeling off the stickers and just rearranging the colors myself. I know. That’s horrible. With Cubix for the iPhone, however, I can’t take this cheater’s way out.The application only costs 99 cents through the App Store, which is arguably cheaper than how much it would cost you to buy a physical Rubik’s Cube. The interface seems intuitive enough… but I still wouldn’t be able to solve it.” via