Review: Over 260 images and 5 videos of the TMobile G1 Google Android device

“I spent a couple of hours with the device in New York at the launch event so I wasn’t really surprised by the hardware of the G1. However, without the security tether attached to the device I was able to get a better feel for the device in your hand and overall construction quality. The soft touch back is comfortable and even though the device is a bit long the width is narrower than the iPhone and feels more like a phone. The trackball works very well and the textured finish of it keeps it from slipping under my thumb like my BlackBerry Curve pearl trackball does at times. The device is very responsive and switching between portrait/landscape and between applications is virtually instantaneous. The display looks fantastic and the touch capacitive display senses touch perfectly. The keyboard is quite usable, but I’ll talk more about it in detail below.” Read more here:

Firefox Mobile version coming to Nokia's N810

“The first Alpha version of Firefox Mobile is to be released next week, and to be only available for Nokia’s touchscreen equipped N810 Internet Tablet. Of course, as the N810 has a touchscreen, Firefox Mobile will sport a touchscreen UI. Don’t think this version of Firefox will be stripped down – it features many things that are available on the Desktop version. Obviously, given Firefox is Open-Source, expect to see some exsisting add-ons from the Desktop version ported, and, obviously, exclusive ones.On the subject of Firefox Mobile, it’s been revealed that a version for Windows Mobile is in development, and, an Alpha version is schedule for release, sometime within the next few months. Though the screenshots don’t indicate much of note, it’s nice to see them regardless.” via