Website load times compared: Archos 5 vs. iPhone 3G vs. Nokia N810

“In my Archos 5 first impressions piece, I said that the Internet Media Tablet’s ARM Cortex A8 processor and Opera 9 browser create “the best ARM-based browsing experience around right now and [is] definitely the one to beat.” To qualify that statement, I’ve put the Archos 5 against the iPhone 3G and Nokia N810 (both commonly regarded as the best ARM-powered devices on the market) in a round of website load time tests.Though page load time is just one of many ways to evaluate a web browsing experience, it is often the most important. Full Web 2.0 support is key, too, but most consumers tend to value faster over fuller, especially when it comes to mobile internet devices.” Read more here:

Microsoft’s Silverlight Soon on G1 and iPhone

“Microsoft’s Silverlight might soon be on the G1 and the iPhone. It seems like Microsoft isn’t wasting any time in its battle with Adobe when it comes to the company’s Flash technology competitor, Silverlight.Microsoft is reportedly very interested in pushing Silverlight on Apple’s devices. But it’s well known that Apple ultimately controls what software runs on the iPhone – so good luck Microsoft. However, the story is quite different when it comes to the G1.Google’s Android mobile operating system is open source and with the forthcoming Android Market, Google’s implementation of Apple’s App Store, things are going to be easier for Microsoft to release Silverlight for Android. The fundamental difference between Android Market and Apple’s App Store is that Google’s mobile apps store is open to all, making it easier for companies to release their software on the Android platform.Microsoft’s Silverlight has been in use on the Web by companies such as NBC to stream video from this summer’s Olympic games and is Adobe Flash’s main contender in the multimedia rich browser plug-ins. Microsoft launched version 2 of the Silverlight browser plugin earlier this week.” via