New fring version 3.36 (Symbian) just arrived

Big excitement here at fring – we’ve just released fring’s latest version 3.36, with some v cool new upgrades (available for all Symbian 9 devices)Having upgraded the GUI (the way it looks to you and me) fring is now better looking (as if that were possible) and more user friendly with an upgraded menu structure, and all of your favorite online communities and cool new fring Add-ons available in one easy place, making it simpler than ever to find what you need.And the new version now supports FAXL 3 Add-on development language 1st (if you’re a developer you’ll be excited – if not this will sound like a foreign lingo!) so that any Add-ons developed can now go live.We’ve also fixed a few bugs you’ve reported to us, to make fringing even more fun! Get it now here, or from your phone (close your current version of fring, point your phone browser to and click Download to be taken through the simple process)

Kinoma Player v4.5.1 Updates Released

“Following closely behind last week’s announcement of a free limited-feature version of Kinoma Player for Palm OS devices and the previous week’s EX update, a minor update has been released for each version. Users of both the free Player 4 and the Player 4 EX app can now download the new version 4.5.1 update.
This is a primarily a bugfix release, so no major new features have been added. According to Kinoma’s blog, the fixes are as follows: Users in the UK can now reliably access YouTube streams, Palm Treo 650 users can now activate Kinoma Player 4 EX and Kinoma Player 4, bookmarks are once again searchable with Palm OS Find, Selecting Cancel from the Authentication dialog no longer crashes Palm T|X or LifeDrive devices when the onscreen keyboard/Graffiti area is hidden. As always, registered users can use the program’s handy built-in auto-update feature to download and install the update to their devices.
Full details and additional information can be found on Kinoms’s corporate blog here. For users without an unlimited data connection, a PC-based updated can be found here.
Kinoma Player 4 EX costs $24.95 and a free trial period is available. The limited-feature free version can be downloaded from My earlier review of Kinoma Player 4.1EX can be found here. ” via

Fight Night 2008: Diamonds vs. Androids

Both devices have a very bright and vivid screen that just jumps out at you. The T-Mobile G1 has a larger screen, which is to be expected with a phone of that size. While the T-Mobile G1 is also a pretty hefty device, in images and in person, it is actually not too shabby. It has a good weight and it feels fine in my pocket. Not too big, not to small and not to heavy. The HTC Touch Diamond on the other hand is in my opinion the perfect size. It is small and compact and as you can see from some of the comparison images below, it is not that much bulkier than my current Samsung Blackjack if you include the Samsung Blackjack’s camera into the equation. It feels a little heavier in my pocket, but besides that the size is absolutely perfect.” Read more here: