Palm Centro Ranks Well in Latest AdMob Report

“Mobile Advertising firm AdMob recently released its latest monthly Mobile Metrics Report. In the September 2008 edition the Palm Centro ranked in the top 10 of all US mobile phones at number 6. If you take the feature phones out of the picture, the Centro was nearly at the top of the list and even managed to edge out the iPhone during the same month which placed seventh. The report also reveals some other interesting statistics. In total worldwide requests Palm came in at 1.8% (4.5% US), while its two major competitors RIM and Apple, came in at 3.5% and 2.5% respectively. In terms of requests by smartphone OS, in the United States RIM had a lead with 31%, Windows Mobile 29% and the Palm OS came in third with a 17% share again just slightly edging out the iPhone with 16%. Worldwide the percentage was much lower at 6%, reaffirming Palm’s current weak international sales. In the US alone, AdMob saw a total of just under 2 billion requests, a 2.7x increase over the same month last year. The report is based on statistics from the total number of devices that are served ads from its 3,500+ mobile publishing partners. (The PalmInfocenter Mobile site includes AdMob advertising).” via

Samsung Omnia Going Japan with Integrated Mobile TV and Red Color


“Softbank Mobile in Japan announces Samsung Omnia, the Windows Mobile pocket pc phone is going to be sold in Japan as 930SC and an additional feature. Although only the 8GB Samsung Omnia will be available, the 930SC will have built in mobile TV receiver to enjoy One-Seg media broadcast service. One-Seg mobile phones also support a full suite of digital TV functions, such as reception of data broadcasts that provide information on the current TV program, the ability to check program content via the EPG (electronic program guide), and TV program recording.The Samsung Omnia 930SC will be available in Black, White and Red color, which is not available in other regions.” via