Nokia E71 and N82 win honors in WIRED Magazine’s 2008 Test Issue

“The November 2008 issue of WIRED magazine – the test issue – awarded top scores to the Nokia E71 as the Test Best Cell Phone. Designed for messaging, navigation and other top multimedia features, the E71 scored 9/10. WIRED editors called it a road warrior on the ball – without being too much of a business phone.
The E71 features two screens – one that places all your work related apps together (including Excel and PowerPoint), and another for your entertainment – audio/video and gaming. A dedicated button lets you switch between the two screens. The slimmest QWERTY phone also features 3G, HSDPA and WLAN support, Nokia Maps with A-GPS and a browser with Flash support.
In addition, the Nokia N82 was named the Test Best Camera Phone for its serious 5 megapixel camera, Xenon flash and on-device editing software. The phone also supports wireless connectivity and a web browser with Flash.” via

Verizon Palm OS Centro ROM Update Released

“Per their usual tradition, Palm and Verizon have quietly released a new ROM updates for the Verizon version of the Palm Centro. With this update, the Verizon Centro has been brought up to ROM version 1.03. Palm is being rather vague on the specific improvements in this update, claiming only: “This software update is a minor tune-up that may improve device usability in certain situations.” Presumably, this wording could mean that changes have been made to the radio operation of the Centro much like Verizon’s previous 755p update. Both Hotsync & SD card-based versions of the 20.7mb installer executable are available for download for all versions of Windows. The update support page can be found at Palm Support. Previously, the Sprint version of the Centro received a 1.07 update earlier this summer. No word if any of these improvements are contained in the new Verizon Centro ROM. As always, this update is done at the users’ risk and a full Hotsync backup is recommended prior to running the update. ” via

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Preview at allaboutsymbian!

UI details

Scrolling is harder to explain concisely. S60’s scrollbars were previously visual indicators, but with a touch screen (and in the absence of a D-pad) they too become an interactive component. You can either drag the scrollbar’s thumb (box) up and down to move quickly to a specific place or you can touch the scrollbar above or below the thumb to move up or down one screen at a time – and to make them easier to use, they’ve been made wider. It is also possible to scroll using drag methods. For lists it is drag and hold: touch centre of the screen, hold and drag up/down and hold; this scrolls, slowly, through the list. For canvases (e.g. those instances where you can scroll in both directions, such as Web, Nokia Maps and zoomed in images) it is drag and release: touch screen, hold drag to move entire canvas. ” Read more here:

Nokia still top in terms of global marketshare

“Even though Nokia’s marketshare for the third quarter of this year declined slightly, the company still remains the current leader, in terms of global marketshare. Currently, Nokia’s global marketshare sits at 39.4%, up from 38.6%, at this time last year. Other manufacturers global marketshare go as follows: Samsung: 17.3%, compared to 14.7% this time last year, Sony Ericsson: 8.6%, down from 8.9%, this time last year, Motorola: 8.5%, dipping down from 12.8% this time last year. And, finally, LG at 7.7%, up, ever so slightly, from 7.6%, this time, as of last year. ” via