Samsung Behold Review at phonescoop!

“The Behold is heavy and dense. Unlike some other touch phones, such as the HTC G1 or the Apple iPhone, the Behold is somewhat small in size. Despite its heft, it feels good in the hand. All the edges are rounded and there are no protrusions. The smooth monoblock form slides easily into and out of your pocket, and the small footprint means it is comfortable to put in the pocket of any garment you might choose to wear.
The front of the Behold is mostly consumed by the touch display. As with nearly all touch-based phones, you’ll find yourself wiping finger grime off of the glass pretty much every day. Above the display is a small earpiece speaker. Below the display are three physical buttons for controlling the Behold. They are the send/end keys and a selection key.
These three keys are raised above the flat surface and have a different texture than the plastic surrounding them. That makes them very easy to locate with your thumb. All three have very good travel and feedback, but are very loud. When you press them, the phone beeps (if you have it set to do so) and the buttons themselves make extremely loud clicking noises. ” Read more here: