Nokia N79 Review at allaboutsymbian!

N79 side UI

“At only 15mm thick for most of its length, at 97g in weight and at only 74cc in volume, the N79 is commendably small, considering what’s packed inside. Whereas the N82 always seems a little over-sized compared to the average High Street candy bar, the N79 slips into the hand or pocket just perfectly and, if this is where monoblock phones will end up, it’s a pretty good ‘sweet spot’ in terms of compromise between screen/key size and overall bulk.As witnessed by my tour of Nokia’s test centre at Farnborough, responsible for testing N78 and N79s (in particular) to destruction, the N79’s hardware is pretty robust. Any creaking of the case when pressed is minimal and, given what Nokia put it through, there’s just about zero chance this thing will break, short of dropping it from a great height or running it over in something very heavy.” Read more here: