Acer Committed to Releasing Windows Mobile Smartphone in Early 2009

There have been some delays, but Acer remains committed to introducing a Windows Mobile smartphone in the first quarter of next year.Whether this device will qualify as its first smartphone is open to debate. It will be the first bearing the Acer brand, but earlier this year this company acquired long-time mobile device maker E-Ten Information Systems, which has been making Windows Mobile devices for years.Acer had originally been expected to get this model on the market in 2008, but the release was pushed back as it negotiates with wireless carriers. The company intends to distribute its smartphones primarily through carriers, rather than through direct sales. The initial model is expected to debut in Europe.Chairman J.T. Wang told DigiTimes that Acer will eventually have around 500 people in its smartphone division, starting with 200 brought over from E-TEN’s research and development department.” via

20 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone

“We get lots of requests to compare in detail Nokia 5800 with Apple Iphone 3G. Here are some reasons we believe Nokia 5800 is way ahead than Iphone-
1) Size The iphone is bigger in size and uneasy for one hand grip. Nokia 5800 is designed to fit well into your hands. Being smaller in width, its easy to operate single handedly. Iphone size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm Nokia 5800 size: 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm 2) Weight Iphone is much bulkier than Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 is 25g lighter than Iphone in weight.” Read more here: