Firmware update for E71 (200.21.118) now available

E71 firmware update

“A major firmware update for the Nokia E71, version 200.21.188, is now available. The new firmware adds the Internet Radio and My Nokia application, adds two new themes, adds a number of usability improvements and contains a large number of stability and functionality updates including improved WLAN support, more power efficient 3G and improved camera performance.The previous version of the firmware was v100 or v115 (depending on region). The firmware is currently available for EURO regions, but is expected the become more widely available shortly.You can view the full update log courtesy of a commenter on the Nokia Addict blog.When updating the E71 all data from the internal memory will be lost. You should back up your data before performing the firmware update. You will likely get the best performance if you manually add back the data (e.g. resync device, manually reinstall applications) rather than restoring from a backup (i.e. its a good opportunity to spring clean the device).While this is a major firmware update some of the changes (e.g. updated version of Mail for Exchange) can be downloaded and installed on the existing firmware.” via

HTC's product lineup for this year leaked

“Many of HTC’s upcoming devices for this year have just leaked online – which include the Cedar W (which looks like a dead ringer for the Android prototype, seen before the HTC G1 saw release), Topaz, Maple, and Rhodium (and in turn, these three appear to be the long-needed updates to HTC’s already available cumbersome communicators), which you can see below. Expect at least one of the handsets to run on Google’s Android platform, possibly a few more. What’s more, these devices look like no other WM-based phone before them. On the whole, the devices’ front plates look sleeker than previous offerings, with bigger displays, more streamlined casings, and there are fewer buttons to be seen, not to mention they aren’t as big as has been seen in previous communicator devices.” Read more here: