brings streaming internet radio to Android!

“For the past 6 months we’ve been on a mission to let you experience where you want, when you want. We realize that not everyone has a web browser plugged into their home stereo and very few of us want to take our laptops on the morning jog. We’ve worked with a great group of partners to bring to the living room and the mobile phone.Today we’d like to add another platform to the list: Android. Android is Google’s open source mobile operating system and it’s pushing the boundaries of what you can and should expect from your mobile phone. ” Read more here:

Unofficial mult touch support released for Android

“I posted recently to show that working multi-touch input is available on the T-Mobile G1 phone. Now the necessary changes to the Android software stack are finally in good shape, and the software is easily installable on your own phone. (”Easily” being a relative term of course — you have to re-flash your phone’s firmware, and will probably void the warranty if you do so…” Read more here: