Apple iPod touch (Gen 2) Review at brighthand!

Apple’s iPod touch is the device for those who want all the features of the iPhone, but without the phone. The first-generation model came out in 2007, and has recently been followed by an improved version.One of the best things Apple is known for, outside of releasing revolutionary electronics devices, is quickly updating said items with more features, better battery life, and much sleeker looking designs.The second generation iPod touch follows that same trend with a slimmed down look, substantially improved battery life, onboard speaker, and a wide range of applications offered through the Apple App Store. Has Apple finally turned the iPod touch into the ultimate handheld computer?” Read more here:

C2DOOM optimized to work with Symbian S60 5th Edition Nokia 5800 XpressMusic owners rejoice!

“Good news for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic owners. C2DOOM — i.e. Doom for Symbian S60 — has been optimized to work with your all-touchscreen smartphone.The game works both in portrait and landscape mode, with latter being preferred way to play thanks to 5800’s hi-res screen. It’s an entirely touch-based game, and you can move around either by stylus or hand – whatever suits you best. There’s also movable virtual keys on the screen, which provide rest of the controls including the weapon selection, action, enter, map and menu.Two versions of C2DOOM are available for download – core and full. The former is a “game only,” featuring only a shareware episode (download is available from here).The full version has an S60 UI, letting you select a WAD file, game mode (single player, co-operative or deathmatch) and optionally give parameters. All gaming keys are configurable within keymapper app, screen rotation is supported even while playing and there’s also a cheat editor. Finally, the full version UI is skinable, which is really not that important for the game itself…” via