HTC Touch HD Review at brighthand!

The Touch HD’s design is completely centered on its large touchscreen. Basically, this device is a casing wrapped around a display. There are minimal hardware buttons, and most of these are actually extensions of the touchscreen. Even the traditional D-pad has been cut to make more room for the screen.Fortunately, the display is worth all this attention: its 3.8 inches and 800 by 480 pixels of sheer beauty. That’s so big that I never find myself squinting when I look at anything on the screen, whether I’m working or watching a movie.It’s even large enough to almost make a stylus unnecessary. Windows Mobile was designed to be used with a stylus, and many of the items that need to be tapped on are therefore small. The Touch HD’s screen is so expansive that these items are blown up to the point where you can easily hit them with a fingertip.” Read more here:

Android Firmware RC33 Changelog Details Available

A check on the T-Mobile forum again today, Will (forum administrator) has managed to post the change log from the upcoming Android Firmware RC33 updates. The updates will add the ability of checking new software updates, save mms picture, google voice search and report comments in Android Market as spam. The Android Market will also display a “Updates Available” messaging when your installed application is updated. Some users have also reported to have received the updates over the air. Fixes:

  • Comcast fails to download more than 1 email
  • Symptom(s): No error message but it stays on “Load More Messages” without ever pulling another email.
  • “Messages” Stability Issue
  • Symptom(s): When trying to send a message or exit the “Messaging” application you receive a pop up message that reads “Sorry! Activity Messaging (in application Messaging) is not responding. Force Close Wait”
  • WiFi forcing a logout of IM
  • Symptom(s): While using the IM clients on the G1 if you turn on or off WiFi the sessions are terminated and you will need to sign back in.
  • No reminders for calendar items.
  • Symptom(s): Missing appointments due to the lack of a reminder.
  • G1 hanging at the G1 Screen
  • Symptom(s): A small number of G1 devices hanging at the G1 screen during the initial power up.

New Features:

  • Support “Check For Upgrades” (New feature to check for system upgrades)
  • Voice Search (New Google feature for searching)
  • Ability to save pictures recieved as MMS
  • Ability to report offensive comments in the Market as SPAM ” More photos here: