New Details Emerge on Seven Windows Phones from HTC

Sometimes information on upcoming models leaks out in tiny drops; sometimes it pours out. Today it’s the latter. Details have emerged on no less than seven smartphones coming later this year from HTC.All of these models were part of an equally massive leak in January, but previously there were few details available these Windows phones. Today’s report fleshes them out somewhat.
HTC Whitestone
The replacement for the HTC Touch HD is code-named the Whitestone — its predecessor was code-named Blackstone. According to the latest source, it is scheduled to be released by Verizon in September, and will be able to access both CDMA and GSM networks.The Whitestone will have much in common with this current model: a 3.6-inch, WVGA touchscreen; 528 MHz processor; 256 MB of RAM; 5 MPx camera; and GPS. One of the few significant changes will be the inclusion of a stand (see here), not surprising on a multimedia-oriented smartphone.It will launch with Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro; whether an upgrade to version 6.5 will be released is considered unlikely.” Read more here:

HTC Magic first impressions at mobile review!

“The HTC Magic boasts a very streamlined and neatly designed casing – it’s hard to say how, but HTC have actually managed to put together a stylish, yet exceedingly simplistic looking phone. I’d even say it bears some resemblance to Google’s software solutions (such as mail or any other service), boasting a very self-effacing, and at the same time user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface.” Read more here: