Travelling with Pharos: A Review of the Traveller 117


The Traveller 117 boasts a 71mm (2.8in) VGA resistive TFT screen which is mounted flush to the edge of the case with no bezel. The advantage of this configuration is that it provides easier access to more of the screen landscape, especially when using fingers instead of a stylus. The screen finish is a highly polished gloss, rather than the matte finishes we were seeing a couple of years ago. While this finish does provide a bit more vibrancy to the screen images, it also means that fingerprints and smudges are immediately visible. Overall the screen is crisp and clear, and the colour saturation is excellent. It was easily bright enough to be visible outdoors.
At the top left of the unit is the VGA camera for video calling, followed by the earpiece in the centre which incorporates LEDs for messages, GPS/BT, and battery charge/GSM. Just under the screen are the left and right soft keys, with the track ball in the centre. The screen areas to the right and left of the Pharos logo seem to activate the soft keys as well.” Read more here: