Nokia E71 firmware update to 210.21.006

The Nokia E71 today received a firmware update to 210.21.006 from 200.21.118. It is currently available for both Asian and European SIM-free models. Other markets and operators variants will likely follow in due course. It is a relatively minor firmware updates with a few bug fixes and minor application updates.
The E71’s firmware can be updated using Nokia Software Updater. Before upgrading the firmware you should back up your E71. Remember that the upgrade will wipe all data on the internal drive (no user data preservation on the E71).” via

iPhone 3.0 Firmware Features Unveiled

Apple iPhone 3.0

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year. Apple has a brand new iPhone firmware, version 3.0 which is filled with features. All we need now is a new iPhone version. Let’s take a look at those new features then!Copy/Cut & Paste is here. Double-tap on any piece of text and you will get a cut, copy and paste bubble dialog. Double-tap again and a paste bubble will appear if there’s anything in the clipboard. The application is available for copy and pasting photos too. The landscape keyboard is also official. You can write anything you want in landscape now.Peer-to-peer WiFi connectivity will allow two iPhones to connect directly without the need of an actual WiFi network.A new API will let you use your iPhone or iPod touch to control peripherals. Maps will be used inside other applications as Maps is now an API. Turn by turn directions will also be available. Developers will be able to create turn-by-turn applications using the iPhone GPS and combining it with any maps without actually needing a 3G connectivity or Google.iPhone 3.0 will also bring us that much needed push notification. Voice over IP and voice communication will be used in any application starting with this iPhone OS. Auto recording will be possible and accessing music from applications will also be now available.As for the App Store, the new OS will bring new possibilities too. You’ll be able to subscribe to apps, purchase additional content for apps or additional levels for games.” via

BlackBerry 9630 Hands On Hardware First Look!

It’s been a long time now since word of the BlackBerry with the codename “Niagara” first popped up in the forums and blogs. So what’s it all about? It’s probably easiest to think of the “Niagara” as the next-generation BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. It’s hard to say which carrier will land this new device first (safe bets would be Verizon or Sprint), but the odds are good you will see the “Niagara” roll out with time to every carrier who currently sells the 8830. ” Read more here: