BlackBerry 9630 Niagara Review

“You can literally think of the BlackBerry 9630 as a BlackBerry Storm with a QWERTY keyboard. It’s that exact. From the cell radios (quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, single band UMTS/HSDPA, 1X/EVDO) to even the layout of the keys on the side, it’s almost identical. It definitely follows RIM’s styling cues from the Curve 8900 and obviously the Storm as well. This will be tough for people contemplating switching to Verizon because it offers 90% of what every BlackBerry user has dreamed and it’s on the nation’s best network.” Read more here:

Palringo launches its IM Software for Android Phones

“As one of the best mobile IM software on iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile, the Palringo software is now available on Android Market for Android phones. The free application now supports Google Talk, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, iChat and QQ. Within your friends who are using Palringo, you can also share you location and view your friend location on the map.Palringo for Android can also run in the background on the phone and notifies the owner when they receive new messages from their buddies.” More photos here:

Acer's First Android Smartphone Will Debut in September

The Acer A1 is scheduled for release in early fall. This will be this company’s first smartphone running Google’s Android operating system.This will be the first of two models running Android that Acer has on the docket for 2009. When the second one will debut is not yet known, but is apparently aimed at the fourth quarter of this year.Also unknown is most of the details on the A1, aside from the fact that it will have a touchscreen. It can be expected to have the standard suite of software that is part of this platform, including a highly-capable web browser and applications that tie in to Google’s online services, like Gmail and Google maps.In addition, a few inferences can be drawn from the fact Acer has said it hopes to make smartphones that wireless carriers can release at very low prices — possibly even free with contract. With that goal in mind, this device is unlikely to offer cutting-edge features.Acer is making a big move into the smartphone market. Gianfranco Lanci, the company’s president, said not too long ago that smartphones could be responsible for up to 10% of Acer’s revenue in the future.It isn’t going to use a single operating system to accomplish this; it intends to make smartphones with Android and Windows Mobile. It recently unveiled four new Windows phones with a variety of features.” via

Rumor: New iPhone Announcing in June

“Is the annual new iPhone product announcement become a tradition? According to an insider info on BGR, AT&T and Apple is set to announced the third iPhone in mid-June for year 2009. The new iPhone 2009 is said to be faster in software processing and also the wireless HSDPA connection with the new wireless chipset. It is not sure how will Apple change the new iPhone 2009 hardware design, it would be a surprise if they add a sliding QWERTY keyboard.” via