BlackBerry App World to launch April 1st?

“Unless BusinessWeek is trying to get a head start on April Fool’s Day festivities, it looks as if BlackBerry App World, RIM’s answer to the iTunes App Store, is set to launch on April 1st. This of course it the very same day that CTIA Wireless officially kicks off. While we have openly criticized the pricing structure of App World, we are rather excited to see it launch — it’ll be a good test of RIM’s true potential in both its relationship with third-party developers and its overall reception with consumers who are so desperate for BlackBerry applications akin to those that are very popular on other major platforms. If App World proves to be a success, than kudos to RIM for managing to pull off a very impressive feat. What do you guys think — excited for some on-device app love or is RIM wasting its time in your eyes?” via

Rumor: Upcoming Slim Samsung B7300 Windows Mobile Smartphone


“Confirmed for a release on China Mobile network, a new Samsung B7300 smartphone has been leaked on a chinese forum. The slim smartphone is running Windows Mobile 6.1. Similar to the Samsung Omnia i900, it has the TouchWiz UI where you can customize your desktop with different widgets on the side bar. Unlike Omnia, the B7300 is using mini USB connector. It will be more convenient for you to charge your phone battery or connect to computer. There is also a 4 way nagivation button below the display screen, though it is not sure if the center button is a optical sensor. Other specification include a 3 megapixel camera, answer/end phone button, microSD card slot, dedicated camera and volume control button at the side.” More photos here: