Snake Deluxe 2 just released for blackberries!!

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Snake Deluxe 2 just released for blackberries too!


* Specially designed to use the full screen. (Horizontal and vertical)
* High resolution graphics for High resolution phones!

Now even better… we can easily claim that is simply the best ‘snake’ game ever!
It is based on the classic game we all loved enchased with astonishing graphics and gameplay. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake’s route. There are 32 different Rounds to complete, 4 different words and 4 different Bosses to kill.
Click here for Blackberries without touchscreen:
Click here for Blackberries with touchscreen:

Toshiba TG01 running Windows Mobile 6.5

“There has been some concern whether the Toshiba TG01 would ever be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5, given that Toshiba never promised this, and have a notorious reputation for poor support of their amazing smartphones.Well, this video, showing the TG01 running the OS, should go some way to allay those fears. While this is no guarantee that the update will be provided, at least we know Toshiba does have a build running in their labs.” via

HTC Touch HD ROM Upgrade Improves GPS, Fixes Bugs

An updated ROM is now available for HTC Touch HD users to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience.
Installation Instructions:

[The update is available for the following languages: English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.] Improved Functions and Fixes 1. Updated the Connection Setup Database. 2. Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode. 3. The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced. 4. A Title bar display flicker in TouchFLO 3D has been corrected. 5. Fixed multiple browsing issues. Installation Instructions:
Before you proceed, please confirm that this software upgrade is a newer version than what is currently installed on your device. If it is the same version and your device is operating normally, there is no need to reinstall the software.
To check what version is installed on your device, click Start > Settings > System tab > Device Information > Version tab, and note the ROM version, CPU, and Radio version.”Check it here: