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Snake Deluxe v2.0 Review for Symbian 5th edition

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Snake Deluxe as the name suggests is a game with a similar concept to Nokia’s age old Snake game. You have to guide the snake to eat a fruit and as it eats the fruit, its size increases and thus making the guidance difficult and challenging. I do agree that its an addictive game and has a great time killing capacity.
The graphics is very accurate and seriously designed giving you the feel of a premium game. It is a full screen game with a lot of levels and modes (Easy, Hard and Adventure). In each of these modes the landscape within which the snake has to crawl changes with different hurdles.
One of the best features of Snake Deluxe 2 is the usability feature of its interface. If you need to close the game or pause it or abandon a game and restart another, then it has controls are placed at very convenient positions. Also, it has useful help tips for each stage which you have the option to disable if you don’t want them to appear. ” Read more here: