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The design is somewhat boxy, with the corners being only slightly rounded at the top and bottom. The phone isn’t ugly, but it isn’t sexy–it’s obviously meant to be a productivity tool for a mobile professional, with no added frills.
The exterior case has been finished with a “soft touch” feel that is comfortable to hold and doesn’t catch fingerprints and smudges. That also means that the phone isn’t slippery at all, and feels good in the hand. It’s about as wide a device as is comfortable to use with one hand, unless you’re manipulating the power switch. This is a slider at the top left edge of the phone, and it’s a real pain to use.
Waking and sleeping the device are a quick slide of the button, which I can do with one hand, reaching up with my index finger. Turning the device on or off is a two-handed operation though, because you have to hold the switch for several seconds and the ridges on the switch tend to dig in a big painfully. I’d rather hold the phone with one hand and then use the edge of my fingernail to slide and hold the switch.” Read more here:

Quickoffice For iPhone Now Available in the Apple App Store

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“Quickoffice today announced Quickoffice for iPhone is now available for download in the App Store. Quickoffice for iPhone include document and spreadsheet editors, along with file access and content management functionalities.Enabling quick editing on-the-go with an intuitive user interface, Quickoffice for iPhone offers a comprehensive range of functionality including font formatting, content selection, bullets and cut, copy and paste within Word documents. Features include:

  • Text format options, such as font size, style and color
  • Cut, copy and paste within Word
  • Content selection and bullets and numberings within Word
  • Create and modify Word documents in landscape mode with wider keyboard
  • Access to MobileMe iDisk accounts
  • Viewing of iWorks, PDF and other common media files
  • Over 125 functions and advanced formulas for spreadsheets, including revise inputs and recalculate, and insert and resize rows and columns
  • Automatic save changes

In addition, Quicksheet and Quickoffice Files are also currently on sale in the App Store. Quickoffice Files, formerly MobileFiles 2.0, allows users to access their iDisk accounts, email files directly from the app or transfer via Wi-Fi. Quicksheet, formerly MobileFiles Pro, includes the same functionality of Quickoffice Files and adds a robust Excel spreadsheet editor. Quickoffice for iPhone has an introductory price of $19.99, Quicksheet is sold for $6.99 and Quickoffice Files currently has a price of $1.99. All three applications are available now for purchase in iTunes.” via

Nokia 5800 XM Gets V21.0.0.25 Firmware Update

“Nokia’s only S60 Fifth Edition based handset, the 5800 XpressMusic, has started to receive another firmware update, just weeks after a major update last month. The briskly selling, but initially buggy 5800 XpressMusic had earlier received a massive firmware update to fix some of its nagging issues that plagued it right from the start. The phone became a lot zippier and stable with that update. Looks like things will stabilize even more with the latest update that certain sections of 5800XM users across the globe seem to be receiving. The update comes in the form of V21.0.0.25 that devices with product codes from Asia are receiving. Initial reports point towards a better camera and usual “performance improvements”. 5800XM users in India might want to run their NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and check if there is anything new available for your phone.
Some changes:
1. Quicker booting up – It seems to let you ‘take control’ a lot quicker than before.
2. As mentioned before you can make the menu button ‘breathe’ when the phone is in standby (but I think I may have found a small bug in that it appears to switch back to ‘off’ by itself!)
3. Music Player is showing BIG cover art – something that annoyed me in V20 was the fact the cover art was shrunk.
4. No longer switches predictive text off after you’ve used the Full Screen QWERTY keyboard and gone back to the regular keypad.
5. ‘Applications’ has been renamed ‘Apps’ – ‘Music Player’ is now ‘Music plyr.’ (These could be due to it using HK firmware?!)
6. Still no Widgety goodness on the home screen – it’s as it was in V20.
7. Camera wise, there doesn’t seem to be any image improvements IMO – but it seems to work a little bit quicker.
8. Not had chance to test sound through a headset yet – I have personally had issues in V20 with a Stereo Bluetooth Headset so will be interested to check this out.
9. I think the handwriting recognition is improved – I’ve not used this much, but it seems better.” via