Acer's DX900 and X960 Win Mobile smartphones now available

A US release is still a dream until the holidays hopefully, but Acer is already giving out gifts to the rest of the world. While both the DX900 and X960 are not superfast as the Acer F1, they sure look equipped to take on other Windows smartphone devices in the market. We have already given you the scoop on what’s under the hood, but for those tuning in late, the Acer DX900 has is a WinMo-powered, dual-SIM smartphone with triband HSDPA/quad-band EDGE support, a 2.8 inch VGA display, a 3mpx cam, WiFi, and GPS. The X960 on the other hand lacks dual-SIM capability but packs all that the DX900 has to offer and goes a step further with HSUPA support and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Both the devices are available now across Europe and Asia. So will we be seeing some Android devices too pretty soon? Let’s hope so.”via