Samsung Propel Pro Review at brighthand!

Samsung Propel Pro“Even though the exterior of the phone is plastic it looks like metal, and the device feels very solid in the hand. At 2.4 inches wide, especially in my relatively small hand, it is so wide that its sharp corners tend to dig into my palm if I’m trying to use it one-handed. The phone is a little on the heavy side, but not too heavy, and the weight is pretty well balanced between the top slider and the main portion of the phone.The buttons on the front and sides are all nicely placed and easy to manipulate; the five-way navigator feels tight and works very well, offering excellent cursor control.I like the fact that the microSD slot is handy and accessible on the side of the device, instead of being stuck under the SIM card slot in the battery compartment, which is inconvenient at best. The covers for the charge/sync port and the microSD slot are permanently attached so you can’t lose them, which is nice” Read more here: