Sprint Palm Pre Business Guide Leaked

“Sprint managed to leak the Pre business launch guide which is totally cool since we get to read more about the Pre. Despite being business-orientated, it’s definitely worth inspecting. Some of the facts described about the Pre are right here:

  • first-party vehicle and travel chargers will be available for $31.99 and $34.99 if you won’t want the Touchstone
  • clear plastic holster available at launch for $24.99
  • leather pouch for $39.99
  • additional phone covers are expected to cost $29.99
  • Individual plans will offer 450 minutes for $69.99, 900 minutes for $89.99, all with unlimited data
  • Simply Everything unlimited plans for $99.99 with unlimited data
  • SERO plans will not be compatible with the Pre
  • similar plans for the iPhone 3G, Storm, and G1 will cost $149.99, $158.98 and $124.99
  • the Pre is an exchange phone only due to its design; you break it and you won’t have it repaired but rather replaced. So no refurbished Pres anytime soon?
  • ten flagship stores will host invite-only VIP launch events on June 5. Is this what we have seen on Sprint’s online store?
  • support for Office documents will be available at launch, built into the ROM
  • Palm Profile creation is absolutely required for phone usage.
  • Synchronization to multiple Exchange accounts is available.
  • remote wipe capability will be available at launch; hence the need of a Palm Profile” via mobilewhack.com