Samsung Galaxy I7500 Preview

“Samsung Galaxy I7500’s outer appearance does remind us of the HTC Magic with its particular shapes and overall look, aside from the navigational buttons located below the 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen that also features a light sensor to help regulate its brightness. Image quality is great with saturated and beautiful colors. The I7500 is a bit thinner compared to the Magic, and is actually the most slender looking Android cell phone as of now. Instead of a trackball, it sports a D-Pad with OK button in the middle and there is another button on the left hand part of the pad with an arrow up on it, which is, basically, the alternative of the MENU button found on HTC manufactured Android phones. The smallest button bears no marking and actually gets you back to the home screen. As a whole, we do like all navigational buttons, because they are large enough and we hope they remain the same on the retail version.” Read more here: