Review of GSM/UMTS handset Nokia N86

“While initially the N86 was showcased in two colors – dark-grey and white, all retail units will come only in Indigo Black (the official name for the former trim). Although in truth, I like its white variation too, so maybe they’ll release it at some point in time. Actually, one of the most possible reasons why they have opted to keep the white edition off the market, to my mind, is that in this outfit the N86 looks very similar to their ultimate flagship device, the N97 (in white), so probably they have thought better of it and decided to avoid needless confusion. But don’t put too much stock in this theory, as it fails to explain why the N86’s grey version hasn’t been altered as well (since it looks more or less like a grey N97).” Read more here:

Hotfix released for HTC Touch Diamond 2

“If you happen to be rocking an HTC Touch Diamond 2 already – either you’re outside the U.S. or are an impatient American who imported – there’s a hotfix available that’s really more of a hidefix.See, there’s a “Start Recording” option that, well, doesn’t really work, and so this hotfix just plucks the option from the phone. That said, there appears to have been some progress toward actually making it work. The legality of recording calls varies depending on where you live, so play with caution.Or to avoid temptation entirely, just apply the hotfix, which you can get here.” via