SNesoid brings SNES games to Android

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“The trifecta has been completed. Earlier today our favorite emulator developer, yongzh, released SNesoid. Not much to say here, I’m just getting word out on this one along with a few of my initial thoughts.Game play is great, but can get choppy at some undesirable moments. Like when you’re trying to slide into a bend during Super Mario Kart, or hopping the Mega Bullet Bills in Super Mario World. Surprisingly, Donkey Kong Country plays very well; out of the games I tested I expected this one to do the worst and had that thought blissfully reject by yongzh. Controls are going to be a bit scary once I try and delve into some of my other childhood favorites, such as Mortal Kombat, which make constant use of the L and R triggers. I attempted to set the R trigger as the camera button, but that only activated the camera.You’re probably not going to see a lite version of this as you were able to with the previous versions; because of the fact that the lite versions came prepackaged with a ROM for your testing pleasure. As that did violate the copyright protections of the game (see disclaimer below), all lite versions of the emulators had to be pulled from the Market. So on this one you’ll have to take my word for it. Just how much do you trust me?nd as always, remember: Developing, purchasing, downloading, installing and/or running an emulator is 100% legal. However, you are only allowed to play ROMs to which you own the original cartridge.” via

For true enjoyment, a powerful affection for thumping techno music probably helps. A delight in being befogged by acrid smoke, blasted by bright lights and shuttled around in packs like cattle, there is also a session of public getting wet, to give them a real life experience.