Snake Deluxe for Blackberries just updated to v2.1

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“Snake Deluxe 2 is simply the best ‘classic snake’ game on Symbian! It is based on the classic game we all loved enchased with astonishing graphics and gameplay. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake’s route. There are 32 different Rounds to complete, 4 different words and 4 different Bosses to kill.
• How to play:
Below the game’s screen you will see all the meters. (Score, Time etc.) There you will see how many fruits are left for eating. Also keep an eye on the time that remains until you eat the next fruit. You can turn the snake by touching the screen or by the hard keys of your device (If it has any). There are some obstacles in every level, so be careful not to crash on them. There are three modes of play. Easy, Hard and Adventure. With the Adventure mode you can complete the levels, unlock the map and complete the story. With Easy and Hard you can choose one of the unlocked levels to play. Click here for more:

—06/Jul/2009 UPDATE (2.1) —
* Storm special version
* Storm full screen graphics
* Storm horizontal and vertical graphics
* Storm touch screen tuned
* Minor bugs fixed.
—07/Jul/2009 UPDATE (2.1) —
* Games loads faster.
* Information added.
* Minor bugs fixed

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic – first look

“Now, what the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic really is. First and foremost, it probably the first music-minded phone we’ve seen in a very long while that comes boxed with a pair of decent earphones – exclusively for their XpressMusic range Nokia have developed a new type of headset, which is a big attraction for all new users. On the other hand, it’s the same 5800 yet in a new, svelte wrapping with slightly worse specs, such as a smaller display, less memory, worse camera and not-as-rich sales package. Hence its more affordable price tag. Which is another thing you need to pay attention to, since the 5800 wasn’t a bargain after all. So, all in all, the 5530 XpressMusic targets those who look for a reasonably priced touchscreen music-focused phone from a well-known manufacturer.” Read more here: