Nokia N97 vs Nokia 5800 XpressMusic A brief comparison of Nokia's touchscreen Symbians

Nokia N97

“Although the N95 might have seemed better on paper, some people (including this writer) actually preferred the 6120c, because while it was theoretically worse than the N95 the actual end product was in many ways superior. The 6120 was smaller and lighter, its firmware was more stable, the menu layout seemed a bit more intuitive, and the price difference was massive (at launch the 6120 was about 250 euros while the N95 was about 600 euros). The 6120 wasn’t perfect, its keypad was poorly laid out and its camera was fixed focus, but as a whole package the 6120 was for many people a better overall deal. Unusually for smartphones both the 6120 and N95 have continued to be on sale years after their launch, so they must have both sold quite well, and it would be interesting to compare their sales figures if Nokia ever releases that information.” Read more here: