Samsung Confirms It’s Working on NVIDIA Tegra Phone

A Samsung representative today confirmed that Samsung is working with NVIDIA’s Tegra processor in an upcoming device.Unfamiliar with Tegra? Imagine taking your smart phone and plugging it into your 42-inch HD TV at home and watching your latest movies in high def all from your phone’s microSD card. And then cruising on the road and playing console-quality games with killer graphics and browsing the Web without any limitations. Microsoft’s Zune HD will have Tegra inside, but Samsung could be working on the first phone with the same muscle.Last month Mobile Crunch– and Crunch Gear in an interview with NVIDIA–reported that a Tegra phone would launch in the fourth quarter on AT&T or T-Mobile right around the $199 price point. But it was still hazy as to which one of the big manufacturers was working on one first.We also know that Tegra plays well with Windows CE (which we doubt we’ll see on a smart phone) and Android, an operating system that Samsung used in it I7500 phone and an OS it plans to continue using in U.S. bound handsets.Other than a confirmation we don’t have any release date or pricing, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a $199 Tegra phone from Samsung in the U.S. to match right along with Mobile Crunch’s predictions.” via