Preview of GSM UMTS smartphone Motorola Milestone DROID

“Launching Motorola DEXT (codenamed Morrison, also know as the CLIQ in the US), Motorola had a global task in mind – they were targeting the top-tier as well with their brand-new Anroid-based line-up. The first flagship device in this range they’re releasing into the wild is the Droid, although in reality this handle is employed by Verizon Wireless for a whole plethora of phones from various manufacturers they are distributing, for example, they’ll launch an HTC-branded device as “Droid” too. In Europe, though, we’ll know it as the Motorola Milestone (its original codename was Sholes), which is a very fitting name, as it’ll mark either the rebirth of the company or its complete fiasco.” Read more here:

Palm Unveils Ares, Web Based webOS Development Tool


“Palm has released the first public beta of its innovative new development tool for webOS. Called Project Ares, this new webOS development environment runs completely in a desktop browser. Its aim is to simplify and lower the entry barrier for developing webOS applications by allowing developers to code, debug and build webOS apps within a standard web browser.The web-hosted development environment features an array of developer tools including a drag-and-drop interface builder, code editor, visual javascript debugger, log viewer, framework enhancements, single click deployment on a device or emulator and built in SVN/Mecurial version source control. With this set of features interested developers can simply log in and upload a project or build a new one from scratch. Projects can be easily be uploaded and downloaded for what Palm describes as a seamless “desktop/cloud workflow.”Palm recommends that Ares users have the Mojo SDK v1.3.1 pre-installed, although it is not required.
Palm says Ares has been tested on:
* OSX: Safari 4.0+, Firefox 3.5+
* Windows: Chrome 3, 4, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4.0+
* Linux: Firefox 3.5+
Ares will not work on:
* Chrome 4 beta for mac (Launch, other plugin-related features don’t work)
* Firefox 3.0.x
* Internet Explorer” via