Samsung I8910 HD Firmware Update Delivers Faster, Smoother Multimedia Experience


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced a firmware update to the Samsung I8910 HD (OMNIAHD, GT-I8910) to further improve the speed of multimedia performance and add new functionality to the device.
The firmware update will be available via PC Studio 7, Samsung’s unique in-house software upgrade program. PC Studio 7 was included in the package of I8910 HD or can be downloaded at the Samsung mobile website (
The I8910 HD is Samsung’s ultimate multimedia powerhouse with high definition, giving users full-touch control of their multimedia lives. The new firmware improves the user experience by delivering faster Web browsing, an improved graphics engine and enhanced full-touch screen experience:
-Webkit update: A faster user-interface when online, for swift navigation of your favourite websites
-Graphic engine: An improved graphic engine, increasing the speed to access the multimedia content
-Kinetic scrolling: The addition of a kinetic scrolling system provides a superior full-touch experience
The firmware update will be available from January 2010 in the UK and gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia, Africa and rest of the world.

Nokia Update N82, N95 and N95 8GB firmware to v35

N95 v35 Firmware

“How about that for an early Christmas present? Aimed at the Nokia N95 (which must be drawing its pension by now), Nokia have released a new firmware for the device. We’re off to dust down the older phones (they must be in here somewhere) to find out what delights are in v35.0.001. Be aware that user data is not preserved in a firmware update on the N95 range, so you must back up your data first if you want to keep it. The N82 also gets v35, though this does have User Data Preservation, making the upgrade a little easier.” via

Google Nexus One Video Walkthrough

“As the days go by the steady feed of information about the Google Nexus One continues to flow freely. We’ve seen pictures and specs lists and now a video walkthrough of the handset’s interface. The video gives a decent look at the menus in the phone and also shows it next to a HTC Hero and an iPhone for comparison. The video is a bit blurry and a bit shaky, as is often the case with these leaked videos, so don’t expect HD quality here!” via