BlackBerry Storm2 9520 review: Back in Black… Berry

RIM are a company with style and simply hopping on the touchscreen bandwagon with another iPhone wannabe just wouldn’t suit them. They certainly realized the importance of having a full-touch device in their portfolio but wanted a clear and legible BlackBerry imprint on it.The BlackBerry Storm 9500 was a truly intriguing device but never really managed to find its place in the new market it was built for. Too bold and unusual for the BlackBerry-loyals and yet too conservative for the rest of the world, it didn’t quite get the results it was hoping for. But the successor might use the publicity the first Storm generated for its own good.” Read more here:

Nokia X6 Review at phonearena

Today we are going to introduce the most technologically advanced member of Nokia´s Xseries, the X6. It comes with the impressive 32Gb built-in memory, 3.2-inch capacitive display, 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar optics and one-year subscription for “Comes with Music”. The latter service allows for download of music completely free of charge from an online server that features rich audio libraryand you can do it without violating anyone´s copyright, plus you are permitted to keep all the tracks you downloaded onto your phone or computer when the subscription expires. Unofficial information has it that a version of the X6 equipped with 16Gb built-in memory and without “Comes with Music” is coming February 2010.You will not find anything coming out of left field in the box – the handset comes boxed with a pair of headphones, USB cable, software CD, user guide and a booklet that contains your own “Comes with Music” registration code. It would have been great if the manufacturer had thrown a phone cover designed to protect the device against scratches into the deal, but apparently Nokia has opted toremain true to its newly established corporate policy of cutting corners. You just won´t fail to notice that last year´s top music-oriented handset of the manufacturer, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic came with quite richer accessory pack that included things like, say, TV cable… Well, the financial meltdown seems to have made everyone stingier, tighten their belt and batten down the hatches. Every bird likes its own nest really, but the manufacturer simply cannot afford to blow its own trumpet on a product portfolio that includes too many handsets with touch-sensitive screens not to mention that, at least until now, they were all equipped with displays utilizing resistive technology. The 3.2-inch screen of the Nokia X6 is the first to integrate capacitive one and we have to say its overall sensitivity is substantially better than its resistive counterparts. It comes with native resolution of 360×640 pixels, supports 16mln colors and as a whole, the image quality is pretty good, plus the screen remains usable even in direct sunlight.” Read more here: