webOS firmware update landing in Europe with Bluetooth tethering

“The night is well underway in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a webOS update. As it would turn out, mere weeks after hitting Palm Pre and Pixi phones in the United States and Canada, Pre owners on O2 in Europe can now pull down their latest webOS updated in the form of webOS What’s different about this version from webOS in the United States is currently an unknown, we’re waiting for the changelog to land right now. In the meantime, welcome to the land of space for apps, Europe!
We have a changelog after the break for you, but what’s important may not be in there. According to German-language tech site Heise Mobil, Palm has baked and enabled bluetooth tethering into webOS Users in our forum have tested this out and wonder of wonders, it works.” More here:

NAVIGON Announces On Board Navigation for Android Phones

Navigon announced an upcoming release of its on-board navigation application, MobileNavigator, for Android mobile phones in North America. Expected availability in spring 2010, Navigon’s hallmark navigation features for Android include Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant and Day & Night Mode. The Navigon solution is equipped with maps of North America (US, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) from NAVTEQ.
Key features of the NAVIGON MobileNavigator for Android phones:

  • Reality View Pro displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit drivers will encounter.
  • Lane Assistant Pro helps drivers prepare to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry.
  • Text-to-speech announces street names in addition to turn-by-turn directions.
  • Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning.
  • Day & Night Mode for map display.
  • Direct Access allows navigation to contacts saved in the phone’s address book.
  • Route Planning
  • Branded POIs and POIs along the route.” via slashphone.com

inPulse smartwatch for Blackberry gets you updates on your wrist

“We are in so many situations where having to pull out our phones to check for a message is just not possible or even appropriate. Have you ever missed a call because you didn’t hear your phone ringing or couldn’t feel the vibration?
Canada’s Allerta has fixed that problem with their soon-to-be-released inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry. The inPulse smartwatch connects wirelessly through your BlueTooth to your Blackberry, alerting you to incoming emails, SMS and calls.
inPulse features a brushed metal body – fitted to a custom wrist band, an elegant user interface
with 1 button interaction. It grabs important information like, caller ID, text messages, email titles, calendar alerts and displays it on a colour OLED screen. inPulse’s built-in vibrating motor alerts you immediately to incoming calls.
It takes the time and date straight from your BlackBerry smartphone, so there is no need to sync them. Settings like custom alarms and timers, sleep times and message filters, can be easily modified on your Blackberry smartphone and then appear
on your smartwatch.” via mobilemag.com

First small over the air software update for Nokia N900 incoming…

“Nokia N900 owners rejoice, as a (small) software update rolls out today across all territories (where the N900 is sold) and across all variants. The software update will be available as an over-the-air update or with the Nokia Software Update app on your PC, globally within the next 24 hours. Nokia N900 users connected to the Internet will receive a notification in the device’s Status Area that a software update of Maemo 5 is available. This software update prepares the Nokia N900 for opening the Ovi Store – watch out for a separate announcement for the store opening shortly.” via conversations.nokia.com