Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 Comes With Kinetic Scrolling

” Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, released a new firmware update for Nokia 5800. The new version 40.0.005 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update or via OTA (Over The Air) feature. It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device. The complete changelog is not yet available, but the much awaited “kinetic scrolling” has been confirmed by the users. The new firmware update comes with kinetic scrolling and new home screen similar to Nokia 5530’s home screen. Some users have even claimed that the kinetic scrolling is smoother and much better than Nokia N97. This update is not available in all the regions. You may have to wait some days or weeks before it is available in your region.
Novelties introduced:
* Kinetic scrolling;
* Home style widget with Nokia 5530;
* if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard;
* Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”;
* Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW;
* The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”;
* Real Player Updated to 12 October 2009;
* Touch more responsive;
* Improved stability;” via

Full screen QWERTY hybrids: Nokia E90 vs Nokia N97 mini vs HTC Touch Pro 2 vs Motorola Mileston

Thumbnail graphicThumbnail graphicThumbnail graphic

“Rafe and I have often pulled out the ‘hybrid’ form factor as the one offering the best of all worlds. i.e. a screen that occupies most of the plan form factor of the phone, with a qwerty keyboard that does the same, made possible through a sliding, pivoting or folding mechanism. Yes, there’s a level of mechanical complexity which might prove unreliable in the long run, but the benefits are huge.And yes, touchscreen-only fans will point out that a ‘slate’ device (e.g. Samsung i8910 HD, HTC HD2, Google Nexus One) can pop up a landscape keyboard when needed, to also give the best of both worlds, but I’d also argue that:

  • with such a virtual keyboard on-screen, the display area left is much reduced
  • even on the best virtual keyboards, you don’t get the mechanical feedback of thumb-typing on real keys – this leads, ultimately, to faster, more satisfying text input

This head to head isn’t exhaustive, of course, I’ve limited it to just four interesting devices. The idea is both to compare hybrid solutions from different platforms/ecosystems and (in the E90’s case) from a different era. And to provoke discussion and debate, of course!” Read more here:

The Nokia E72 gets v22.007 firmware update

Nokia E72

Thanks to Nokiausers forums member Roberth for the heads up on this firmware update, the E72’s very first new firmware, which is currently only available via the Nokia Software Updater, or Ovi Suite. It was not available OTA (Over The Air) when I tried just now. v022.007 is now the latest available firmware for the Euro model, and at this time, we are unsure if the NAM version of the E72 has the same update available, so if you have a NAM E72, and find out this update is available for your handset, please do let us know.
As per usual, there is no change log available this early on, but as soon as I find one, I will be sure to add it here. If you have the update available, and notice any changes from the previous firmware, v021.024, then please let us know either in the comments below, or in the thread within the forums front page news sub area relating to this article.” via