Nokia N900 getting new software update

“Maemo 5 PR1.1 is being released on January 14, 2010. Starting in Finland at 7am local time and following a staggering process country by country through the different time zones. This update can be installed over the air. If the Application Manager asks you to connect the device to your PC it’s probably because:

  • You have missed the PR1.0.1.
  • You have been tweaking with unstable or conflicting software.

Dont forget to backup your important data before updating to the new firmware.
New features

  • Hutchison SIM cards are supported.
  • MS Exchange 2003 support.

Maemo Update

  • Bootloader (Nolo) can be updated over Maemo Update.
  • Cellular software can be updated over Maemo Update.
  • Icon cache removed to allow more memory space for Maemo Update.
  • Application Manager: Available space check moved to apt-worker for more accurate results.” Read more here: